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Outsource Reverse Engineering

Companies that want to understand the complexities of existing products need to make sure they have access to reverse engineering experts – those that can take any given item and break it down to its initial parts for analysis. At India CAD Works, we employ trained mechanical engineers that are ready and able to create a 3D model of any component that you need examined.

India CAD Works is the number one choice for companies that need to archive, examine, rebuild, or alter existing devices, systems, and more. We’re an affordable and efficient solution to your reverse engineering needs, perfect for manufacturing or R&D.

What We Do

At India CAD Works, we specialize in modeling components using state of the art CAD technology. Our experts provide you with any and all of the following:

  • Feasibility Study: We conduct a feasibility to study to check the existing product’s compatibility to different geographical location.
  • Security Analysis: We perform an analysis of whether the patent of a product has been infringed upon (optional).
  • Technical Intelligence: We help you better understand your competitor’s technology.
  • Repurposing: We help revive an existing product and its life expectancy to implement new world design changes. Thus helping you repurpose old technology and turn it into new technology.
  • Academic Learning: We can document the design improvements for further studies and dissertation papers (optional).
  • Interfacing: We adapt to multiple applications system pertaining to different scenarios checked for inter-operability or establishing a combination between such applications.
  • Bug Fixing: We design corrective measures to overcome initial design discrepancies after the initial testing. We’ll take broken or obsolete software, catch the bugs and fix it.
  • Save on Money: Our economical pricing is structured to provide greater value compared to local vendors.

Our reverse engineering team has worked in the field for decades, and carries with them substantial knowledge of how to examine the components of any type of item using CAD software.

Our Reverse Engineering Process

Reverse Engineering Process Click Here for Prototyping Process Map

The Quality of Our Reverse Engineering Services and Support

As a company, we take significant pride in our quality and work on well-defined practices for successful Reverse Engineering projects.

Scanning, Modeling, Surfacing, Peer Review, and Mechatronics

We’re there to provide you with detailed CAD models of the items you’re identifying, scanning them, modeling them, surfacing them, and more. Upon completion we also peer review each completed model, and our company can also handle mechatronics should you need to complement your mechanical engineering with one of the other disciplines.

Regulations and Legality

We conform to all regulations and keep any and all data safe. We can also examine legality, and all our processes are completed within legal guidelines such as Digital Medium Copyright Act.

CAE/CAM Support

We can even support CAE and CAM in the event you’re sending that information straight to a manufacturer. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that the models are ready, so that the manufacturer is can get to work as quickly as possible and create components that are perfect already.

Our goal is to help you with every step of the process – even providing you with process documentation along the way.

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Our company specializes in affordable reverse engineering services, and when you outsource to us you can trust that you’ll receive a quick turnaround, high quality CAD design, and everything you need to move forward with your project. Call us today to find out more.

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