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Outsource Geospatial Services

ICW is a business endeavor aimed at serving the needs of global markets through focused, innovative, efficient and quality products and services in all areas of Spatial Technology applications including, horizontal and vertical integration of satellite/ aerial remote sensing, photogrammetry, positioning applications, GIS databases and applications, GIS web services and networking of GIS databases. Our industry focus is on Utilities, Land Administration, Geological Mapping, Transportation, and Location-based Services.

ICW measures its success in terms of the value-proposition it provides its clients to help meet their ROI goals and competitive advantage.

Geospatial Services We Offer

We provide a broad array of geospatial services, including the following:

Photogrammetric Services

We take high-speed imaging and remote sensing measurements to produce highway corridor mapping, updated Planimetric features, and Orthophoto generation.

Orthophoto Production

We produce base map layers for GIS products and full color Orthophotos for geometrically corrected features such as bridges and overpasses for use by mapping agencies.


We specialize in capturing natural and man-made features for comprehensive GIS solutions or for individual projects.

Topographic Mapping

We prepare detailed topographic maps showing geospatial disposition of utility companies’ assets and consumer indexing, and we update older topographic maps.

Digital Elevation Modeling

We use DEM data to model water flow and mass movements to evaluate floodplains, earthquakes and landslides and to calculate terrain slopes and volumes.


We develop solid Terrain Models. Surfaces derived from LiDAR and photogrammetric techniques provide a framework for which a “skin” of realistic imagery is applied.


We process LiDAR digital terrain models (DTM) for geologically unstable areas for Dam Site Constructions and Integration with Geological / Geophysical Information.

Geographic Information Systems

We understand every aspect of GIS design, including software and hardware requirements, to ensure the delivery of highly accurate GIS Base Maps and “GIS-friendly” products.

GIS Surveying Services

We perform computerization of land surveys, scanning, georeferencing vectorization, plotting and proof reading of old hard copy records.

Benefits of Outsourcing Geospatial to ICW

  • We have the best professionals in Geospatial Technology and have a top technical team, who bring with them more than 15 years of experience in this field. So our clients can be assured of receiving delivery of the highest quality products.
  • Our expertise in 2D/3D CAD modeling means you will receive the most accurate geospatial products possible.
  • Our security protocols follow (and exceed) international standards to ensure your data is safe with us.
  • Our techniques and project management skills assure consistent results and accurate deliverables.
  • We have a proven track record of significant cost savings over other service providers in this field.

Why You Should Act Now

ICW is a full service provider of Geospatial Services, and our expanse of services is second to none. This is a highly specialized field, requiring an immense investment in systems, people and processes. If your company is looking to expand by offering GIS services you should talk to ICW. Avoid the investment required to get into this business by outsourcing Geospatial Services to us. You will only pay for what you use. And your clients will thank you for delivering proven products and services.

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