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BIM Outsourcing Services at IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks’ (ICW) team of Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialist provide outsourcing support to architects, engineers, and participants in the building process, to overcome the challenges of delivering projects tight schedules, with limited manpower, or operation challenges. With the full-support of IndiaCADworks for BIM, you can now envisage the virtual construction of your building much before the physical construction starts. You will have all your architectural, structural and MEP designs well coordinated, reducing uncertainty in construction, saving time and effort.

IndiaCADworks makes use of the most advanced software to provide accurate collaboration between the various engineering and design levels involved in building. Our updated technology not only helps in making your construction plans cost-efficient, but it also enhances the overall quality and precision of your drawings and drafting, preventing any errors.

The range of software we put at your service for achieving accurate building modeling is: Building Design Suite (BDS), AutoCAD, Revit, Revit LT, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Vectorworks, 3DSMax, BIM360 Glue, Autodesk Showcase.

BIM Services and Consultation

IndiaCADworks offers BIM solutions for each stage of your project. Besides services that improve your productivity and construction under certain budget, we can also help with an accurate estimation and scheduling of your project. Some of our key services are:

  • BIM Modeling Services We offer BIM and Revit modeling services as unique solutions for various specializations including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC engineering.
    We offer our support in what concerns BIM for Retail, BIM for Homebuilders, BIM for Architects, BIM for MEP Contractors and Designers, BIM Model from Point Cloud & Laser Surveys. In addition, at IndiaCADworks you can count on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), 3D Modeling and 4D Simulation, Revit Modeling and Revit Landscape Architecture.
  • BIM MEP Services IndiaCADworks offers high quality Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Modeling. Two basic services we offer are MEP BIM 3D Modeling and MEP Drafting services. We provide you with accurate MEP BIM services including Detailed section views, Collision detection, 3D BIM HVAC, 4D BIM HVAC, Construction Documents, Energy Simulation, Fabrication drawings, Schedules and Bills of Materials. Further on, Model Visualization, Coordination among MEP Trades, Project Report Preparation, Extraction of Project Information, Library Creation of HVAC and MEP can be also handled by our experts.
  • BIM Coordination At IndiaCADworks, making use of the BIM Coordination services, you can shorten your construction schedule, reducing your financial expenses. We offer some of the most advanced services in MEP HVAC Coordination.
    Being in charge of your Architectural BIM, Structural BIM, Construction BIM, we can easily undertake the BIM Coordination, Modeling and Construction Management. In this way, we link all the applications and tasks of your designs, avoiding any risk for errors.
  • Clash Detection Our experts at IndiaCADworks can solve all your BIM Clash Detection requirements. In construction and architecture, the BIM Clash Detection is nowadays frequently requested. Our specific expertise lies in BIM and Revit Clash Detection, Clash Resolution Services, 2D Clash Detection and Design Modeling, 3D Construction, Plumbing and Industrial Design.
  • Quantity take-off Our BIM modelers are able to extract quantity related data from a building information model with high precision. This reveals the real cost information of your construction site, even before construction starts.
    The Quantity Estimation ensures a correct approximation of construction quantities. We can also provide a Quantity Listing where every component used in construction is listed. Based on the Quantity Estimation and Quantity Listing you will be able to analyze the changes in your total costs based on the evolution of your designs.
  • BIM 4D Simulation BIM 4D Simulation gives a clear overview of your construction project in various stages. The BIM 4D Simulation helps in identifying possible conflicts in construction that may appear when changes occur in any part of your project. Our specialists will help you insure a good collaboration and coordination through careful and meticulous planning. In this way, your time management and scheduling can be made more effective.
  • Cost Estimation (5D Modeling) If, in addition to your 3D building information modeling you want an answer to your time management, scheduling, collaboration and conflict resolution, IndiaCADworks can offer you the right support.
    The 5D BIM Modeling ensures a complete collaboration and coordination between various teams involved in the construction. Based on the cost and resource analysis provided by us, each module of your project will be more effective and time-saving.
  • BIM Lean Construction Minimizing waste and maximizing synergies is possible nowadays in manufacturing, design and assembling.
    Under BIM Lean Construction, the results of the various professionals involved in your project – architects, builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers – are coordinated and integrated. In this way, the designing of facilities and the production processes will happen avoiding any complications.
  • Revit Family Creation Services IndiaCADworks offers 2D Family Creation, MEP, Structure Family Creation, Architecture, Structural, Building System Components, Partitions, Walls, Windows and Doors. We also offer Related Custom and Supporting Content, System Families, Specific, Fixed, Testing Family Services and others.
    Revit Families include content in 3D and 2D Revit and 3Ds Max file formats. They can be either Standard Families or System Families. These cover basic project components like table, chair etc., or specific family service for a single project, respectively.
  • Scan to BIM Services In our days, besides new constructions, many buildings are renovated. With the help of our new technology Scan to BIM, renovation of old buildings is now easier to put in practice. Our two main applications Cloud Point Scan or 3D laser surveys are widely recognized to be more accurate than traditional surveys that use traditional measuring tools. We also provide MEP scan-to-BIM services to engineers, MEP designers and MEP contractors.
  • Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings Utilizing BIM based workflows, we enable you scale your productivity through steel structure design and shop drawings. ICW is capable of producing highly detailed steel 3D models with connection detailing, further used to generate fabrication drawings.

The BIM Process at IndiaCADworks

The BIM Services process at IndiaCADworks follows several steps that will ensure your project is done with high quality under accelerated working time:

  • Firstly, we would consult you in filling-up an expectation worksheet. Here we will ensure we understand your needs precisely. At this first phase, we will also set main milestones and delivering times. The cost estimation will also be provided to you.
  • Secondly, a project coordinator will be allocated to your project and will conduct weekly review meetings. The project coordinator, based on your specific case, can contact all the sub-contractors and construction managers to solve any issue that might occur.
  • Additional phases can take place for clash detection or risk mitigation. An extraction of accurate project information can also be pursued at this stage. We can also assist with the creation of libraries.
  • In the end, high quality construction documents will be delivered to you. At this phase, any alteration on the design format can be additionally taken care of by our specialists.

IndiaCADworks understands the importance of deadlines and accuracy in your projects. We are quick, experienced, and competitive. Read more about our BIM process at IndiaCADworks

Benefits in Outsourcing BIM to IndiaCADworks

Our team formed by high qualified specialists provides proficient Building Information Modeling Services. We are highly experienced and well-equipped with the necessary software and know-how. Advantages in outsourcing to ICW:

  • Experienced and highly skilled BIM engineers
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Standardized and customized services at affordable prices
  • Precision in work and outstanding deliverables
  • Timely service with high customer satisfaction
  • Quick resolution and detection with non-stop availability
  • Advanced technology and software for BIM services
  • Vast experience on projects at different scales in various industries

One of our internal policies is keeping us updated with the latest tools and infrastructure that helps us provide the best quality of work in building information modeling. The quick drafting and modeling time will insure your project is done fast and in a professional manner. Your costs and energy will be saved with us.

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