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3DS MAX Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides an exclusive 3Ds Max enabled services. As Autodesk 3DS MAX is a premier solution for game development, VFX, motion graphics, and other industries where success is defined by animation. Our 3DS MAX team provides numerous texture related options and an intuitive graphite modeling expertise, reducing the time spent modeling so that you can focus on design and creativity. Autodesk 3DS MAX is the only out-of-the-box animation solution that supports all aspects of character generation and animation.

Our design engineers are experts at all aspects of 3DS MAX necessary to turn your concept into a movie quality animation, including the 3DS MAX character animation toolkit, particle flow simulations, modeling and texturing tools, integrated fur, hair, and cloth systems, rigid-body dynamic solvers, photorealistic rendering techniques, parametric character rigging, and workflows. ICW is the service provider of choice with the expertise to complete your animation with the quality and delivery you require.

Our Modeling, Animation, and Rendering Services

IndiaCADworks provides a full suite of 3DS MAX design services, including:

  • Max Creation Graph (MCG): Using MCG’s node based scripting environment, our team rapidly turns your ideas into custom scripted tools. The tools can be packaged, shared, and installed remotely as new integral tools in the 3DSMAX interface.
  • Populate Crowd Animation: Our engineers use 3DSMAX to create realistic dynamic renderings of moving or idle crowds. Leveraging our intimate knowledge of 3DSMAX software we animate crowds of characters in sidewalks, hallways, lobbies, etc., and generate patterns of pedestrian/crowd flow using crowd composition tools.
  • Video Editing/Camera Sequencing: Using 3DSMAX, we trim multiple camera animations to reorder animated clips in any order that you desire.
  • Stereo Camera Animations: Our engineers use the stereo camera tool to set left eye, right eye, center, or anaglyph display views for both passive and active stereo viewing modes.
  • Integrated Rendering Options: We take advantage of the integrated mental ray renderer (iray) from NVIDIA, a built-in rendering capability, to provide beautifully realistic images with correct lighting effects using raytraced reflections and refractions, caustics, and global illumination.
  • Dynamic Simulation Solvers: Using the multithreading NVIDIA PhysX engine, our engineers turn create realistic, dynamic, rigid-body simulations that can be viewed directly in the 3DS MAX viewport. Simulation capabilities extend from natural forces (i.e. gravity, wind, etc.) to man-made forces and even fabric or particle simulations.
  • External Collaboration Tools: Using XRef Renovations, our team will set up non-destructive cross-team animation workflows that allow you to merge objects into the scene by changing external references in source files. XRef allows you to publish and organize animatable parameters on your desired node, and allows other users to externally reference content to populate their scenes.
  • Parametric Character Animation Toolkit (CAT): Our team uses the Character Animation Toolkit (CAT) to provide character rigging, nonlinear animation, animation layering, motion-capture import, and muscle simulation within 3DS MAX, allowing for simple manipulation of characters.
  • Event and non-event based particle systems: For creating realistic particle dynamics animations, such as rain/snowstorms, flowing water, or explosions, our team utilizes built-in event-based and non-event based particle systems tools. Particle systems are useful for animating a large number of small objects that follow pre-defined procedural methods.
  • Integrated hair, fur and cloth systems: Using 3DS MAX, we can rapidly generate realistic characters with hair, fur and clothing.

Benefits of Our 3DS MAX Services Includes:

  • A complete team, out-of-the-box animation services, combining Graphite modeling, a character animation, and particle flow simulations.
  • Robust modeling and texturing tools including freeform sculpting, texture painting, and advanced polygonal modeling.
  • Our tea can create realistic dynamic motion and events, combining integrated fur, hair, and cloth systems with dynamic rigid body simulations.
  • Integrated mental ray photorealistic raytracer and iray point-and-shoot rendering technologies from NVIDIA.
  • Parametric rigging of characters using CAT and the CAT Muscle and the Skin modifier for control of realistic body deformations.
  • Extensive workflows that interface with a multitude of related products, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Revit Architecture software packages.

Our 3DS Max Team Engagement Models

IAW supports all aspects of animation using Autodesk 3DS MAX. We tailor our engagement models to support your needs, including both hourly and fixed rates. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing models.

Our 3DS Max Service Quality Assurance

Boasting over a decade of supporting 3DS MAX character modeling and animation services in over 100 countries covering the globe, we provide first rate animation services that will exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on quality and timeliness. By outsourcing to IndiaCADworks, you team with a world-renowned, best-in-class 3DS MAX service provider.

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